Friday, 17 February 2012

Watch Me

A watch is more than just an instrument used to tell time. It's a symbol that can be used to determine success, strength, confidence, taste, personality, integrity and diversity. Or a warning beacon to the unknowing, that could represent poor judgment, skill, and ultimately  can show a small yet significantly negative side of it's wearer.

Believe it or not, human beings all act on first impressions. So, in order to overcome this, without going overboard on something crazy flashy and uber expensive, I present you with a product from Nixon. 

Yes. I used Harvey as an example. Suits is an amazing series you should go watch NAO! 

 Titled "The Sentry", this watch sports a 42mm wide, custom 100 meter stainless steel casing with hardened mineral crystal + enamel filled triple gasket crown.
It's band consists of a custom low durometer polyurethane with patented locking looper and steel buckle, 23mm wide. 

White face drastically changes the overall look 

It's powered by movement of a 3 hand Japanese quartz with day + date.

Personally, I like how it's simple, yet bold. Now, depending on your taste, Nixon also offers the watch in a varitey of styles/colours that can satisfy even the neediest of time tellers. And with a price tag of 175$ CAD to boot, you simply can't go wrong. 

Uncluttered and free of messy numbers. Love it 

Find out more here at Nixon

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~ Cheers!