Friday, 10 February 2012

Man Cave

For those whom are unaware of the term "mancave" please refer to urban dictionary. There comes a time in every young males life, when a particular game is released. One which causes said male to shun away family, friends, sunlight, healthy food and outdoor activities to have them replaced with the joyousness sensation of laxing on the sofa, floor, table, bed, stool... what have you.

The game I'm talking about, the big one I'm hoping is not complete rubbish for this year (hopefully released by the end of the month) is Hitman Absolution.

I remember playing Blood Money, and how addicting it was. The game play was so sandboxxyy that you could literally run in like a boss and wreck havoc. If that was not your cup of tea, you could do things the sneaky professional, bald headed, serial code stamped nostalgic way. Apparently the dev's at Square Enix Lo Interactive plan to let you have even more choices this time around. How do I feel about that?

Luhh dat shit. 

Now where is Half Life 3?! Comeonnnn Valve!