Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Bee Preferences

"Male bee pollinators can prefer orchids to real females, prematurely end a copulation with a real female to visit an orchid, or be unable to find real female bees among fake orchid signals" (Gasket 2008). Why do bee's sound a lot more human now? 

Change "Orchid" to "Sports Car" and you have the general formula for the everyday guy. lol


Monday, 25 March 2013

Rebook Classic Leather Vintage "Suede Pack"

From the Reebok class of '83, this vintage running silhouette brought a new level of innovation and sophistication upon entering the market. 

This Suede Pack captures the timeless charm of the original with a combination of premium materials inspired by the '80s, such as the nubuck. 

We find here three colours recalling that vintage appeal. - Racing Green, Red, and Royal - all of which are available now. 

Jack Heuer - Behind The Carrera Chronograph

Jack Heuer, the former CEO and founder of TAG Heuer, discusses the details of the brand's most iconic piece: the Carrera. Heur explains the process of creating the design, from his extensive research on dial legibility to material use, which ultimately resulted in one of the most famous chronographs of the 20th century. Heuer proudly speaks on TAG Heure's trendsetting tendencies in this clip, which not only displays some rare Carerra models in the past, but also shows how modern interpretations are an evolution from the original design.

1972 Porsche 911 72STR 002

I really hate Jay Leno, but I'm pretty much in love with this 911. Would love to build one in the near future!

The Space Sneaker Project by Ghica Popa

Bucharest-based illustrator Ghica Popa presents his Space Sneaker Project which as you can see, happens to very influenced by Nike. 

These are some fly ass kicks!

lol, honestly, 

We All Have Those Days..

Unfortunately for me... it's 90% of the week.

Official New Album From Daft Punk! (R.A.M)

Following a significant hiatus from French duo Daft Punk, forthcoming news reveals its newest release will come in the form of a full-length release titled Random Access Memories. Arriving on May 21 via Daft Life Limited, a bracket of Columbia Records. Saturday Night Live was the first to deliver news of what should promise to be one of the more anticipated releases of the year. 

Are you as excited as I am?

Here's a fan made re-dub created from one of the ad's and an oldie or two to hold you off while you wait haha.


Excellent example of a clean and functional daily driver. But who was fender scratch?



Maxwell Set Equation

10,000 Hour Dream

I'm spreading the word to help Amit's dream become a reality. I know that my blog receives a large amount of daily traffic from a number of sources. I find it very inspiring that he has taken on such a challenge and absolutely admirable to pursue your dreams, regardless of the outcome. I truly wish him the best of luck!

It's people like this that help fuel passion in others to make a difference. 

What is 'theadream'?

"This is a story that is like no other. I am on a path to achieve what NO HUMAN EVER HAS, a remarkable feat that will change the world. This project is one that will demonstrate the progress of becoming an overnight success, after 10,000 hours. It will show that success is not a result of natural talent, success is a result of hard work, effort and determination. 

Everybody has a dream. A driving passion, an obsessive devotion, a burning desire. 'theadream' symbolises the building of these dreams and in doing so, it aims to inspire and motivate people in all walks of life to follow and pursue their dreams...that anything is possible. Watch the video that will explain everything. 

Hard work > Natural talent 

"Hard work will always overcome natural talent when natural talent doesn't work hard enough"

"We have all heard this quote in one form or another. This topic is even frequently debated. I am a strong believe that success is not a result of being naturally talented. Success is a result of hard work, determination and effort. 

Similarly, there is a Dr. Ericsson, from the U.S., who supports this idea. His idea is that it requires an average of 10,000 hours of 'direct practice' in order to be classified in the elite level of the said field of practice."

My Dream

"It also happens to be that my dream is to play professional football (soccer). I decided to put the two together, and complete these 10,000 hours of direct practice over a span of 6 years. That's 5 hours a day, 7 days a week, 6 years straight. Upon the discovery of this theory, I have gone and quit my job, reduced my university hours and have been working very hard to make this larger than life project happen. After having faced many rejections, failed many trials, missed many goals, and suffered many injuries, I am still hungry to achieve my dream, even more so than before actually." 

How is it going to work? 

"I have managed to obtain the support from a gym franchise and a football academy on board with this project. Along with that, the help of an experienced personal trainer. They are all working together to create the day-to-day plan and find the right balance of training so my body does not over-train and destroy itself by overworking. The training will consist of anything and everything that is required to become a professional footballer such as the football aspect, the strength/conditioning aspect, the nutritional/diet aspect and even the rehab/stretch aspect. 

I am releasing a website in the form of a journal/blog that will include blog posts, video logs, etc. The purpose of this project is not my 10,000 hours. It is to emphasise that belief that anything is possible, as long as you are willing to work for it. No dream is too big or too small and the only limits are those that you put on yourself."

When will this start

"The start of something remarkable and world changing begins on April 1 (Sydney, Australia) start."

How can you help? 

"This is a project that really means a lot to me and something I wish to see others following the notion of hard work.. At the moment I am trying to gain exposure and sponsorship, as this will be like a full time job for myself. It just takes 4 simple steps for you to help me and change my life:" 

  1. Go to the Facebook Group HERE
  2. Like/Share it!
  3. Go to the Official Facebook Page HERE
  4. Like/Share it!

List Of Links

Frank Yang

All of his videos are inspiring, but this,... this right here... takes the cake.

Need to start training again ASAP.


One Wish..

If I could have just one wish, it would be to hold your hand. lolwat

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Pebble Watch

Now Available for Android and iOS.

Introducing the Kickstarter-borne Bluetooth-enabled smartwatch that pairs with your smartphone to display notifications, manage apps and even control song playback.

The Pebble is priced at $150, which may sound like a lot, but many popular timepieces coast as much or more - and all they do is tell time. The pebble, on the other hand pairs with any Android and iOS devices running version 2.3 Gingerbread or iOS 5 and above to provide at-a-glance access to many of its functions. Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Palm users are outta luck.

Without a paired device, the Pebble continues to function as a watch, but when connected to your iPhone or Android smartphone  it's capable of displaying text messages and emails, displaying ID's for incoming calls, reading emails, and changing song tracks. The Pebble pairs with your device over Bluetooth and displays the notification that is simultaneously appearing on your phone.

Friday, 22 March 2013

How I get so much Ass.

'Still' by Apollo Architects & Associates

This house, for a surgeon in Chiba, Japan, by Apollo Architects & Associates contains courtyards with elevated wooden walkways and glass walls behind its thick concrete exterior.

The residence was designed for a busy street in Yotsukaido City, so Apollo Architects & Associates used chunky slabs of reinforced concrete to create a soundproofed barrier around the interior spaces.

"(The client) requested privacy and quietness for his wife and three children to lead healthy lives," explain the architects.

The largest of the three courtyards sits beyond a sheltered driveway and contains a grass lawn and a central tree, while the second is positioned past the entrance and accommodates a pebble surface and a small maple tree.

The smallest court is tucked away at the back to offer a small outdoor area for the main bedroom and bathroom.

"The family can enjoy different atmospheres in these courtyards," say the architects.

Two staircases lead up to the living room and the children's room on the first floor. One is indoors and built from wood, but the second is a series of concrete treads that rise up from the grassy courtyard.

Wooden balconies overlook the courtyards from above and residents can look into different rooms through glass walls.

The house is named "Still" and was completed in spring 2012.

Tokyo-based Apollo & Architects & Associates is led by Satoshi Kurosaki. The studio has designed a number of houses since launching in 2000.

Photography is by Masao Nishikawa.

Here's some more detailed information from the architects at Apollo & Associates. 


"The client acquired the 330 m2 orthagonal property located along the road in pursuit of a space rest his body and soul exhausted from his work as a surgeon. He requested privacy and quietness for his wife and three children to lead healthy lives. The building is set back from the frontal street where heavy vehicles pass by regularly. Parking space is secured for three cars. Reinforced concrete structure is chosen for its soundproofing ability. The opening is kept to a small horizontal ribbon window to block the noise and automobile emissions.

The client purchased this property sized over 300 m2 for a purpose of creating coutyards with tall symbolic trees. There is a compact court with a maple tree in front of the entrance. Across the central corridor is the main court. And, towards the back of the site is a narrow bathroom court. The family can enjoy different atmospheres in these courtyards.

The master bedroom and bathroom are located in the quite area far from the street so that the residents can relax while viewing the garden. Each space offers its unique ambience. For example, in the study adjacent to the bedroom, the residents are able to carry out their professional work, or in the Japanese room facing the entrance court, they could relax and enjoy the space while sitting on the floor.

The family space on the second floor is a singly space surrounded by full-height glazing. Across the central corridor, the children's room/study space is located.

The space can be separated into individual rooms in the future. The other characteristic of this house is that the residents can experience the circulation space as the cross between inside and outside, thanks to the central corridor and roof balcony connecting the main building and annex. It is the ultimate luxury to lead a slow-paced life and enjoy the changing seasons."