Saturday, 11 February 2012

Official Release Of Ice Cream For Samsung Galaxy S2, editor-in-chief Analyst, Eldar Murtazin has stated over twitter that there will be an official release of ICS for the Samsung Galaxy S2 via kies or over air.
Those with the S2 still running Gingerbread can rejoice, because in reality, who really wants to hack their device and void warranty? Well I already have.. but still LOL, I'd at least enjoy some piece of mind that my operating system is in legit working order.

There is already a leaked version floating around on the web, but users must ROOT their devices and go through a series of tasks in order to upgrade. To top it off, it's only a beta version, with a slew of glitches/bugs atm. One of them includes bricking the phone. No thanks.
Can't wait!

The update should be available March. Keep your fingers crossed!

You can see his tweet Here!

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