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Chuck Testa

We all know what internet sensational meme's are and how they become wildly popular. However, for some strange reason, I JUST found out about this one. Check it out.

From this to this...

My reaction;



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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Public Transit LOL

Stuff like this happens on a daily basis, but it's just straight hilarious when it's caught on tape.



Friday, 24 February 2012

Subaru's B-Pillar

This may in fact be a fairly old topic, however, I just recently stumbled up an article that describes the stability of the B-pillar on almost every Subaru vehicle, including their flag shipped Impreza WRX STi. What does this mean? Durability when it comes to side impact has increased, making it less likely for your Scooby to fold like an accordion after getting t-boned at a yellow light.

Essentially, this topic came to mind when thinking about crash test ratings on the new BRZ/FT86/FR-S. Looking forward to those result once they become available.


Subaru BRZ @ Twin Ring Motegi



Check back regularly for more information on the BRZ/FT86/FR-S.

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HKS GT Supercharger + D1GP


Recently got hold of some pretty interesting information. (Translated from HKS Official Website)

HKS in the year 2012, will compete in the D1 Gand Prix Series. It's rooted in it's motorsports activites "Challenge Spirit" of HKS and striving to fulfill it's own dreams and aspirations. As always, HKS and I would like to share dreams and excitement with our customers. 

Vehicle-based, Toyota 86. By tuning to race to the top D1 category based on the latest FR topic, we plan to provide feedback for product development, product line-up and it's technology to achieve outstanding performance as a car name. 

Nobuteru Taniguchi 


Finally, the 86 with it's horizontally opposed engine, FR package will be released from Toyota. At HKS, where we are eager and quick with the undertaking development of vehicle parts, vehicle racing along with the production of D1 GP, we will now expand the variety of products to be fed back from the various tests. Taking advantage of the goodness and identity of the package in NA, we plan to participate in the specification GT SUPERCHARGER in D1 GRANDPRIX undercarriage plus intake and exhaust. We plan to expand in the GT SUPERCHARGER as a product package.

At HKS, we stock various tuning parts, from the light and supercharger kits, bolt-on turbo kit, exhaust volume up kit (5AG kit of legend). "AE86" had a lot of products deployed to suit your needs in tuning. The AE86 products were based on various data from light to hard tuning, obtained in the field of combat called D1, so we will go even higher levels of product development for the latest 86. Please stay tuned.

*First of all, the 86 tuning project will start from HKS muffler system and suspension.


This vehicle has been developed as a concept of "fun to drive". However, in terms of exhaust sound, which is one of the "fun", you must take into account the noise regulations.
*Product specifications are under development* 
Genuine mufflers have become specifications and taking into consideration even the stringent European standards, also enter a different market. Which is "quiet".
The volume of medium and high rpm range is much lower, especially in area's where intake noise is much louder. The only thing not designed to entertain the driver was the muffler.
A muffler developed by HKS is "to be fun to drive" to improve the volume in an area given to the driver. A sound in which carries a feeling, tone, look, and pure genuine with it's specifications. That's what we believe to be most important.
In addition, we want to enjoy the product development utilizing the "total tuning", which is the strength of HKS. With peace of mind in combination with other parts. A step up in the future.


*Product specifications are under development*
The 4AG engine that cheerfully taught us the "fun in manipulation", the old car, the AE86, was not so powerful, yet obtained a light weight body. FT86 I think this time is a very modern version. Although the latest devices such as the prevention of skidding technology and fuel economy has been added, you are still able to enjoy the overwhelming power and enjoy the superior handling by the body + compact, low center of gravity by the engine (since it's mounted low).
The keyphrase "fun to manipulate", we have evolved further into suspension development at HKS. By pursuing the circuit split-second time blindly with high grip tires. "Furimawaseru" which is men and horses on earth. We repeat the testing for damping characteristics and ride height, spring rate. In addition, single-cylinder structure is the formula we are using in an HKS damper. From merit of the response, we have the best match for this very car, and have contributed greatly to the realization of the car's riding pleasure.

We are planning a variety of suspension products now, so please look forward to them!

Product List To Be Developed HKS 86 (ZN6)

Looks like some pretty cool shit planned for the future.

Also, here's a bonus video of the HKS car on the dyno.

Enjoy! And check back here regularly for more updates and information on the GT/FT86/FRS/BRZ

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Simba Vs. Bird

I lol'd. That... sucks on so many levels.

Random video <3


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Although audio wise, this remix is pretty doo-doo, the visuals kept me entertained haha.



Parkour Like A BAUCE

I believe in ninja's. This shit cray!



Owned By Steps

Texting and driving? How about banning texting while walking LOL


That is all.



Why don't women believe me when I say that this will happen if they workout??

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Meme Of The Year

When all things just don't go your way;




M.I.A - Bad Girls

I've seen and heard a LOT of horrible tracks in my day. But this .... this one just takes the cake.

I literally had my mouth open the entire video and later pondered to my self.

The fact that this shit was playing on MTV .....This CAN'T be real life.



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Advan+Nismo+diffusure+canarads+dry carbon wing=sex.

This 180 is doing it right!

Luhhhh Dat


Personal Training Without Limitation

So surfing the web today, I came across a very interesting, innovative design:

Imagine a rowing machine, combined with a stationary bike and a monorail. I know, it sounds absurd, but really, the idea is not that crazy if you were the inventory of roller blades. 

 Meet Scott Olson, the owner and founder of Skyride. A man with no boundaries when it comes to creative thinking. He has managed to invent a way to merge exercise+transportation in a conventional, fun way which revolutionaries the industry.

Imagine being able to cross large tourist areas, jungles and even mountains by using Skyride? Sure, you might break a sweat, but it would definitive be a worthwhile experience. 

Hopefully, this becomes a huge seller, and I can get a chance to try it out lol. 

Check out more Here

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You Laugh, You Loose

Didn't have time to post anything up yesterday, so here's some funny crap to get you through the day. Aww yee. Watch all of these without laughing.

Best. Singer. EVER

Beer Train

Epic Thief 


Kitteh Gets Owned

Best Toy

I'll post up moar later. Enjoy!

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Japanese Commercials

... WTF. 

Can't. Stop. Watching..... >_________________<" 

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9gag will decrease your IQ scores LOL


NBA Suspect Moment Lin+Bosh!

LMFAO. That is all.



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TRD 86 Parts

Just a direct quote from Jon Sibal. Love the amount of goodies! From door stabilizers, to big brake kits, check it all out below!

" Toyota held the 86 Opening Gala Party today in Japan featuring the different trim levels of their Toyota 86 models from the bare bones RC model to the fully equipped models from their very own in-house tuning shop Toyota Racing Development (TRD).

These photos shows how an 86 can look like with the full TRD Performance line of parts.

TRD Front Spoiler adorns the front end and a new TRD sideskirts reminds me of the Gran Turismo 86 aero design upgrades.

Rear Diffuser set covers the rear end while the must-have TRD duck tail wing finishes off the rear end nicely.

High Response Muffler Ver.R peaks through the rear to give the 86 a throaty growl.

A look in the engine bay shows a TRD Front Tower strut barTRD Radiator cap, and a TRD Oil filler cap.

They even have a TRD HID bulb upgrade too!

Below are photos of the TRD 18″ SF2 wheels.

They are a 1-pc. Forged Aluminum construction shown here wrapped in Michelin tires.

TRD Big Brake kit featuring a 6 pot front and 4 pot rear calipers clamping down on 355mm front and 345 mm rear disc.

The kit comes complete with TRD pads and TRD stainless steel braided lines.

They also offers an adjustable Ride adjustment suspension set with a 40-way damping adjustment.

I didn’t know what that other part was next to the suspension until I saw another shot of it installed. Turns out to be the TRD Door Stabilizer set.

The interior of the 86 was dressed up with a slew of TRD Performance parts.

TRD Sports seats are offered in black with red stripe and red stitching.

Small detail parts like the TRD Shift knob with a TRD Push Start Switch,

and TRD Sports Meter Link System complete the singular brand theme.

Some action shots…

 For more info and complete price list of the 86 TRD Performance line, click Here"

There will for sure be a lot more goodies to come from TRD, not to mention from Subaru as well. If this does not remind you of the days when 90's Japanese sports cars ruled the industry, then.. i don't know LOL. 

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