Friday, 10 February 2012

Games For Android

Games For Android

Ok, so, I'm the type of person who always checks the reviews on something before purchasing, using, burning, shredding and then mourning the loss of money and valuable time spent. The same applies for games. I'm cheap, it's no mystery, so I luhhh me some free shizz.

Now, there has been a recent lack in competent reviews on games that are even worth downloading, so I guess I'll post up a few and make a mini synopsis on em for those who care. (I know I WOULD *sheds tear* =.=)

Alright so first up is:

Tripple Town

Development Team - Swift Creek Games
Game Type - Puzzle
Rating - 3/5

Basically this is the ideal game to play when your on the pooper, in a lecture, or on public transit. It's not CRAZY OMFG fun, but it gets the job done. You pretty much match grass/trees/shrubs with other items and they then combine with other surroundings to create bigger things on the map (which acts like a game grid). There are obstacles that arise like bears, rocks, and well..bigger rocks. It sounds lame, but it's a very quirky design that gives you the satisfaction of knowing you cleared what would have been a cluttered map to build houses/churches..bigger houses and bigger churches.
The game pretty much ends when all the spaces are cleared, and the objective is to build as much as you can before that limit.

I've only been playing this for about 3 days tops. However it runs very smoothly (using the Samsung Galaxy S2 on Gingerbread).

*downloaded from Android Market* 

Age Of Zombies

Development Team Halfbrick Studios
Game Type - RPG Shooter (sort of)
Rating - 4.5/5

Ever wake up in the morning and just feel like plowing down countless hordes of zombies? No? Well I do! This game delivers. The story is so hilariously twisted, that it actually makes me chuckle. The gameplay mechanics work. The sound is top notch. The only thing hampering this score from being a perfect 5/5 would be the replay value. I want MORE levels, not Survival mode. If and when there is downloadable content.. I'm all ears. Gameplay: You run around, shoot/slice/burn zombies until you reach the next level. Kill the boss, and onto the next level you go.

Will post moar later