Saturday, 11 February 2012

Fanatec Fantastic

I am an avid racing enthusiast. I may not have that much actual experience on the track (I've really only done quarter mile, no circuit yet), but I've always held a huge interest in time attack, autoX, rally, formula 1, 24hr Le Mans etc. So it's only natural that I'd be just as crazy about gaming (since there are no events during the winter season).

Simulation is key, so the games are either Forza, Gran Turismo or F1 2011. Since I only own a 360, Forza 4 will have to suffice, and yes, I love both Forza AND GT5, no hate on either end. Both do particularly well at creating a realistic experience virtually.

Mah current setup, until I step up my game and buy a new TV.

Junkie Lifestyle...i'm a somewhat messy person.. :)

Anywho, to stay on topic, Fanatec is about to release a slew of new items (currently they have a great amount of stuff for sale) that will not only enhance said experience, but make it much more enjoyable. These products range from their CSR Elite steering wheels, to pedals, to shifters, to handbrakes(currently in development).
CSR Elite Wheel 


CSR Standard Wheel

CSR Elite Pedals Optional Customization 

CSR Elite Standard Pedals

However I'll be focusing on their F1 inspired, quick release wheel for the PS3/PC.

There are so many different settings/controls/switches to optimize the ability you'll have to customize to your hearts content. What really grabbed my attention was the build materials, and use of high quality parts especially tension on the drive belts for the forcefeed back motors that give you that wrist snapping jerk you'll get when over steering/under steering or hitting gravel.

There are 3 things that could overshadow anything this wheel has to offer ...

  1. Price 
  2. Availability 
  3. Shipping
Price is going to be anywhere from 6-800$ Canadian for the wheel ONLY. Now factor in pedals (2-300$), seat/stand setup (4-500$) and your well over 1400$. You could easily buy a new set of Toyo R888's for that much, or a set of Stance coilovers, or a Blitz Nur Spec R exhaust. lol .... shit is cray. 

Availability is another one. How long will you have to wait before they even process the order? I've heard some stories already that turn me off a bit. 

Last but not least is shipping. I actually don't even want to think about how much it would be to have it delivered to my door step lol. We'll just have to wait and see. 

Long story short, I want this. Despite the cons, the pro's always outweigh it all. I'll post up more info once it's readily available to oogle over. 

Speaking of cockpits, here's my buddy's setup a friend of ours built. 

For more information on Fanatec's awesome products, check their official site Here!