Thursday, 29 August 2013

LEGO Phone Case

Apple always gets the good stuff.

What Is Richness?

I had to write an essay of 150 words or less to apply to a scholarship and decided to post it here. I'll most likely look back on this and smile. Especially the poem :P

Richness to me has a combined meaning. 

It represents culture, emotion, inspiration, leadership and character. 
As a student, I utilize all of these preconceived conceptions to aid me in becoming an outstanding individual. 

I aim to do something extravagant and bring change to the Engineering Automotive world however, just striving to achieve this monumental goal, working day to day on this path to make a dream come true, what a student gains throughout the journey - is my absolute definition of Richness. 

I will have ups and downs, 
days full of stress and days full of happiness,
working towards something that seems so far, 
taints my dreams with tackiness. 
However through thick and thin, 
I will endure.
Until the end I'm sure to win.
I will endure. 

Arty ft. Fiora - Grand Finale

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Engineer Dad Builds His Son The Best Toy Car Ever Seen

This is absolutely fantastic! Definitely gives me inspiration to build a kart of my own.

"The builder of this sub-scale, carbon-fiber beauty is a Chinese automotive engineer who goes by the handle Lingziluo, and, according to his answers on a reddit thread, the little car cost over $15,000 in parts, and if you were to factor in the labor cost, would easily cost more than a new BMW 3 Series. That kid better not complain about getting underpants for his birthday." Via Jalopnik

Streamline, Drag coefficient=0.24, as low as Tesla Model S


CAD Design 

It's not made of steel, all carbon fiber!

LED Light Systems 
All Aloy Rims 



Double Wishbone Suspension



Keyless Start
New Paint

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Fuck That Noise

So I finally took that big step.. and removed myself from all forms of social media except for Google+

That shit is hella gay, and in reality counter productive in terms of what I do with my free time. I'm still debating if I'll even keep this blog running, or just start over on something new and professional. I know there is literally next to nobody that views this unless I spam it... Blah. I'll probably just use this shit to vent and post whatever, whenever I want.

Stay classy

- Nik

Monday, 5 August 2013

Nasty Electro/House/Trance

I should really just start DJ'ing... seriously lmfao. If only I wasn't lazy!

Stop the beat, Drop the BASS!