Friday, 10 February 2012


The Next Big Thing From Toyota/Subaru

Many might not know of this, but the next edition of the infamous Toyota Corolla (AE86) which is well known for it's appearance in Initial D, and probably the sole creator for the cult of drifters worldwide. Is a rear wheel drive, light weight, under 30K, coupe which evidently is using a flat 4 engine produced by Subaru. I'm not going to go deep into details about the car, or where it's inspiration to re-create it came from, because there is more than enough information like that on the web. I'm here to talk about it's future.

The amount of aftermarket support is astonishinig. The car was JUST released in Japan, and there are already aftermarket goodies being produced by big name companies like: GReddy, Cusco, HKS, Tien, Stance, and Voltex to name a few. Not to mention STI race development department from Subaru, and TRD. Looking forward to checking out more of the underground stuff that will slowly yet surely surface once  they are released in North America/ the rest of the world this spring/summer!

But pictures/videos always speak louder than words.

I'm really loving the support from the community. A lot of people are playing around with photoshop and giving an idea of how baucey this thing is going to be once it's slammed with an excellent set of dirty wheels.

Mmmm HRE's

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I'll end this post with Subaru's official Japanese commercial for the BRZ.