Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Personal Training Without Limitation

So surfing the web today, I came across a very interesting, innovative design:

Imagine a rowing machine, combined with a stationary bike and a monorail. I know, it sounds absurd, but really, the idea is not that crazy if you were the inventory of roller blades. 

 Meet Scott Olson, the owner and founder of Skyride. A man with no boundaries when it comes to creative thinking. He has managed to invent a way to merge exercise+transportation in a conventional, fun way which revolutionaries the industry.

Imagine being able to cross large tourist areas, jungles and even mountains by using Skyride? Sure, you might break a sweat, but it would definitive be a worthwhile experience. 

Hopefully, this becomes a huge seller, and I can get a chance to try it out lol. 

Check out more Here

~ Cheers!