Friday, 22 February 2013

'Xbox Event' Website Registered

There is a new domain out that suggests Microsoft could be preparing for an event to announce it's next console. According to WhoIS data, was registered yesterday by U.S. Techs (a company who recently recently rebranded as Event Core) that provides "advanced customized soloutions i nthe event management industry".

Xbox 720 rendering

The same U.S. Techs also registered (the event site used to sign up for Microsoft's press briefing at E3 last year) as well as Microsoft's Hosting Summit of 2013, which includes text "this site is hosted for Microsoft by U.S. Techs" at the bottom.

Not too sure if this event is in light of Sony's dedicated PlayStation 4 event a few days ago, but it could be an entertaining event regardless.

According to reports from CVG and The Verge, industry resources suggest that April is currently the most likely time frame.

Things, have gotten interesting to say the least.