Friday, 22 February 2013

Urban Dictionary #1 - Jimmy Rustling

I'm going to start a series of posts referring to ever popular terms, meme's and expressions used in today's society. The first will be "Jimmy Rustling".

Jimmy Rustling 


A term used in many different occasions when strong emotional needs are met. These emotions can range from sexual emotions to hateful emotions.

"I was so angry, my Jimmies were rustled."

"All this Harlem Shake and Gallon Smashing crap is really rustling my Jimmies"

"I got a good Jimmy rustling the other day"

"Season finale of Suits? My jimmies are softly rustling in the cool winter breeze" 

Associated Meme's / Gif's / Phrases


4chan remake (cereal box mascot) 

And of course, people tend to be creative...

Further information:

Strong broscience.