Friday, 22 February 2013

PlayStation 4's new Dual Shock 4

Quick snaps of the next generation of the Dual Shock 4. So far, it looks appealing, especially with that "v" band of blueish light on the rear. Very futuristic, however it's the ergonomics of the controller that have me a bit concerned. Will need to hold/use one to conclude analysis lol.

As you can see, they have replaced the conventional "select" and "start" buttons with "Share" - to live stream games/media and or share content over social media - and "Options"

The L2 and R2 triggers have been re-designed to deploy similar to the Xbox 360 handset, however more of narrowish look.
L1 and R1 buttons have increased in size, as well as a blue sensor that works in sync with the Move controller.
USB charger/connector on the rear  and it seems that the new R3/L3 analog sticks protrude from the controller a lot more this time around. 
Touch pad sensor in the middle, headset jack, and a new D-pad design.