Sunday, 17 February 2013

2013 Canadian International AutoShow

Checked out the AutoShow in Toronto yesterday with a few buds. Overall, I was pretty satisfied. I'll let my pictures do the talking.

Entry into the Exotics Area

Birds eye 


This kids got good taste 

Bojan trying to take sophisticatedly artistic shots
BRZ's getting swarmed. 

No event is complete without a shamwow product demonstration LOL 

RS7 is definitely growing on me!

Nick and I checking out some bikes. 
This speedbike is madd sexy. 
Got a chance to check out BMW's S1000RR

Tuck like you mean it! 
This face on my face, that's how I get them bitches lol!
Bojan opted for a test fit as well. 
Surprisingly, for an RR, it's very comfortable. 

AMG C63 interior. 
Kind of intuitive design. 
Look at this guy, all excited and shit. 

I swear, I paid more attention to mountain/speed bikes than anything else

If we ever create a tv series, lol. Nick Squared. 

Pretty neat
The 2014 F-Type with Lana Del Rey's video blarring in the background lol. 

I'm really diggin' this DC2 from Teknotik. Great job guys! 

Rear diffusers + aero goodies always make me tickle inside <3

I think I see this NSX-R at every event. From Importfest to Honday Indy to Tim Hortons meets, wait...wut

After the show, we decided to just grab some beers and chill out. All that walking was mad exhausting, not to mention I chose to wear ripped boat shoes on the day of a snowstorm. lol

Nectar of the heavens. 
About 7 beers in, Nicks pouring got stupid sloppy, and he ended up with this ahaha. 
Great job princess hahahaha