Friday, 22 February 2013

Google Glass

Google has officially moved out of the "project" phase and into a whole new testing cycle with a recently announced contest for Google Glass. To kick off the contest, they launched a new Website that details simplistic questions for the augmented reality glasses like "how it feels", "what it does" and "how to get one".

Google is accepting applications until February 27th with those passionate about the projectm answering questions and paying a hefty $1,5000 USD fee to be the first to test out the built-in-voice recognition, on-board, hands-free video recording, and photo capture.

Up until now, Google employees were the only ones wearing Google Glass, developed by Sergey Brin.

Here is the official place to get your hands on one Google Glass

Technology really is making a breakthrough. I would like to see how these are down the line in terms of production and "styles" for frames.