Thursday, 31 January 2013

CG-33 Portable Coilgun

For anyone who doesn't know what a coilgun is, it's a gun that fires a projectile with magnetic force instead of gunpowder. The projectile from this gun won't kill a person, but the electrical energy stored in the capacitors is 78 times the lethal amount for human beings so this is no toy.

Some technical data:

- Action: single stage, bolt
- Weight: 7.75lbs or 3.52kg
- Power supply: 12V NiMH battery (needs recharge after ~15 shots)
- Charging: 40 watt regulated ZVS flyback driver (charge time ~30s)
- Capacitor bank: 4x 3900uF @ 400VDC
- Stored electrical energy: ~1.25kJ
- Switch: SCR
- Body: lightweight ABS plastic pipe and sheets

Performance Data:

- Muzzle velocity: 39.2m/s
- Projectile mass: 32.8g
- Kinetic Energy: 25.20 J
- Output efficiency: 2.02%

Crazyiness. Them engineers!

story of my life.