Wednesday, 2 January 2013

//NIK Presents: Fools To Glory - Episode 1

I'm going to get started on a new blog/web series which will consist of daily posts that contribute highly to my interests in everything from music, to photography, to production, to design, to fashion. Should be quite the workout for myself. Let's see how much will get done haha.

Today's track listing will be filled with the soft, lovely sounds of Progressive House. Enjoy!

Now onto some photography;

I recently acquired a simple point and shoot for Christmas. A good friend of mine decided to give me one with a strict rule of taking at least one creative photo a day. Eventually I will upgrade to a Digital SLR, however for now, it's the simple method "practice makes perfect" thrown into full effect!

The P&S I previously mentioned. Canon PowerShot A1300

Here are a few of my favourites from the over the winter break of 2012.

Slo-mo. #Hacknik

911 angle

Second Cup

The Calm

Whislt Reading

How and WHY do you ride speed bikes during the winter on summer profile tires? lol

Favourite shot of the day.

Light lights



Not too shabby for a beginner eh? I'm lying, it's pretty crap for now haha. Ah well. 


I've got a few other things planned for future entries into the series, however for now, I'll leave it at this. Thanks for stoppin' in, and be sure to check back again for the next episode of F.two.G

- //NIK