Monday, 28 January 2013

Blackberry 10 x Super Bowl

Thorsten Heins showcasing a devkit phone running Blackberry 10

It appears RIM is really trying to get ahead of the competition this time around, and they just may have the upper hand with a big budget commercial spot planned to play/loop during the Super Bowl this weekend.

One of the many Dev units displaying apps screen

The long-awaited, if not late to the party launch of Blackberry 10 software and the heavily anticipated phones is dawning upon us. There is no teaser trailer yet, however in theory the marketing method could work wonders, gathering interest from all over the globe. However, if the commercial sucks, and the phones + software turn out to be nothing but utter rubbish, then there could be a grave financial consequences along with a huge backlash resulting in not only the failure of Blackberry 10 and it's supporting devices, but the end to RIM indefinitely.

I'm a huge Android fan, but I have respect for Research In Motion (maybe I'm just being patriotic), never the less, it would be very entertaining to see an old competitor enter the competition. Apple and it's silly OS is going down the drain, and I'm still not too sure about the abilities of Windows 8 and their phones.

Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers

All I can do now, is crack open a few beers with the boys, sit back, and watch the game unfold. (Figuratively and realistically) no pun intended.

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Thorsten Heins (CEO of RIM) talks about the new operating system, and why quality matters.

2 more days until launch.