Thursday, 9 January 2014


Alright, so we all know about the new years stuff. Resolutions and what not. Well, to be honest, I'm not too fond of doing things in such a manner.. probably because I see myself as a nonconforming hipster whom purposely chooses to avoid anything to do with popular trends. ^.^

On the flip side... a personal goal of mine happens to be self development. And what better way than broadening the mind, increasing one's vocabulary and reliving a tale or two than digging into a hefty novella?

So without further ado, I present to you, the 52 Book challenge.

Essentially, the plan is to read a book a week.

Absolutely marvellous biography. I''ve even incorporated a few habits from it. 1 down, 51 to go!

Current electronic novella. I would also recommend this to anyone looking for something different and mind bending. 

I wanted to start off the first few with stuff relating to my field of study, so this is a small compilation of what's in mind so far (had a bit of help via forums);

I'll create a list to aid myself in keeping track within the next few weeks. Even if I'm not able to complete a book in a week, the goal is still 52 books by the end of the year. Now, if anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears!