Friday, 3 January 2014

Ferrari Possible Return To Le Mans

Remember that video of a mysterious Ferrari apparently to be a test lab for the new V6 Turbo a la F1 2014 which went viral a few weeks back? If not, view the post HERE

When Montezemolo spoke at the end of 2013 of a possible return to Le Mans Ferrari, many (even among employees of Maranello) were excited, but many have also thought it was the usual more or less veiled threat that was launched periodically to force some more favorable decision by the Federation. But this time there is something more concrete, and has been immortalized by a viral video that has gone mad for the internet and YouTube, with a "strange" LaFerrari recovery in Fiorano.

But that sound suspect did not come from an anticipation of the V6 turbo F1 2014 , as many had supposed, but by a supercharged V8 engine - a hybrid and more suitable for use in a historic 24 Hours. Because the two "brands" are really approximating legendary, both for the victories this year from 458 in the GT Endurance races, either because the technology between the F1 and Le Mans are no longer so different, providing not only a formula based on efficiency, but also Kers and Ers-H in both cases.