Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Year

2014 has started...almost a week ago, and to start things off, I've come up with a resolution for the new year (I know I'm incredibly late).

The plan: Changing things up a tad bit in terms of this blog including layout and content.

First and foremost, I have taken the liberty of editing the genre of music which plays the minute you step into Pizo to something a bit more relaxing and comfortable for the readers. Personally, this is what I prefer while browsing the web, be it at home, or at the coffee shop, so I figured it only to be right. Ultimately adding another personal element into the mix which hopefully many of you enjoy (be it your first or ten billionth time listening) and even get into the habit of just leaving it open to play (as I do at times). 

Genres: Luvstep, Liquid Drum and Bass, Chillstep, Progressive Trance, Vocal. 

Sometime within the next few months, I will have my website finished up, and as a result, this blog will be moved to it as well as a plethora of other things on the agenda for change. The addition of  interests including; Mens Fashion (substitute for "Style"), Architecture, ElectronicsTechnology and a personal section titled Real Life. This plan also includes a significant increase to the quality of all content with a more indepth and organized approach to the posting of information. I'd really love to take a more detailed approach to this, rather than spewing out pages and pages of "ouuu look at dat!" which 90% of the time is completely irrelevant and just fillers for lack of content. 

Anywho, be sure to stop by every now and then to experience a fresh new look and access to some interesting material. I will most likely set up a schedule as to when things will be posted. I'm very much still stuck in the "experimental" stage of things which are ..umm... all over the place haha. I'm thinking something like -

  • Monday - Engineering/Motorsports
  • Tuesday - Architecture 
  • Wednesday - Real Life/Mens Fashion
  • Thursday - Technology
  • Friday - Electronics 
  • Saturday - Music 

Thanks again for supporting by checking in (to the regulars) and to everyone else who has either randomly clicked on my blog because of hot links on signatures I have on the various forums!

2013 was a very interesting one, full of learning and self development, however 2014 will be bigger, badder and hopefully chalk full of monumental experiences! 

Be sure to post any suggestions below in the comment box, and check out my other media streams (which will ONE DAY be linked to this blog haha) 

"The new year is a blank slate full of possibility. It is a time to look back and rejoice in what we have accomplished, however, now it is time to look forward, with hope and optimism.- Anonymous 

Enjoyeth -