Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Samsung Releases First Possible Image Of Galaxy S IV

Just days away from Samsung's Unpacked Event in New York City, the handset giant finally released a teaser photo of what could be its fourth-gen product, the Samsung Galaxy S IV. The handset itself does not deviate much from the design of Samsung's previous generation products - not necessarily a bad thing, but the photo dusts up more rumours that it lays to rest.

The dim, dark photo vaguely shows the outline of the S IV, with Samsung's signature curved edges and touch screen that could perhaps disappoint consumers looking for a radically different design for the much-loved Galaxy series. Also, the phone's design looks very similar to the model that an alleged leaker has produced media about for the past few days.

It's easy to see the similarities in the similarities in the video above, which happens to have many of the standard haptic responses and noises that come with a Samsung phone.

That's not to say that this phone actually is the Galaxy S IV: it also bears a  striking resemblance to Samsung Duo's Line, a popular phone series in China and other parts of Asia.

Only 2 more days until the rumours are put to rest. Check back here for the latest news once they are available.