Saturday, 2 August 2014

Toyota's GT86 CS-R3 Rally Car

It's a wonderful time to be a GT86 owner (FRS/BRZ in North America).

From the all around reliability of a Toyota, to the marvellous handling and cunning of an STi. Not to mention the seemingly unstoppable aftermarket support and passionate owners.

 TMG (Toyota Motorsport) of ADAC Rallye Deutschland has picked up on this trend and as a result, have designed a full blown GT86 race spec rally car coined; CS-R3.

The CS-R3 was developed by TMG and made to be actively ready to participate in all levels of rally. Toyota was also given the green light to further tune the 2.0 litre boxer engine to a total output of roughly 240-250 bhp.

It comes stationary with a sequential six speed gearbox, limited slip differential, roof scoop and a reduced body weight of min. 1080 kg (FIA Rules). They did however, keep the drivetrain configuration to RWD.

All the unnecessary items/equipment have been stripped out by TMG.

Before installation of TMG seats + hydraulic e-brake and sequential gear box. 

Fitted in the chassis includes race specified parts for gravel, tarmac and other stages in between. They include; rollcage, brakes, dampers and wheels.

Quick List: 

The exact specifications of the project are still left unknown as the CS-R3 is not competing at Rally Deutschland, it will instead be showcased as a "pathfinder car" ahead of its full launch in 2015. Prices should compare loosely to other R3 racers.

Nico Ehlert, TMG lead engineer in charge of Toyota’s customer motorsport division, said: "It’s important to say that the GT86 CS-R3 which [double women’s world rally champ] Isolde Holderied will drive is not the finished article; we need the data from Rallye Deutschland to finalise 
our development programme. But it does represent a significant step in the GT86 CS-R3 story and gives a clear indication to our future customers 
that this project is progressing quickly.

‘The fact we are testing our prototype on a very public stage, the FIA World Rally Championship, shows what confidence we have in this project. 
Interest in this car has already exceeded our expectations and we are looking forward to customer and fan feedback from the rally."

The inspiration came from Toyota's Group B TA64 Twin-cam Turbo Celica of the 80's.

Read more about it here

The biggest push still comes from Japan, as they continue to market the GT86 under the global catchline;

I believe it.