Friday, 22 August 2014


So,.. I've finally made up my mind in regards to my next build. FD checks off on all of my needs:


  • RWD
  • Coupe
  • Racing heritage
  • Aftermarket support 
  • Forced induction (ala turbine)
  • NOT a 4 cylinder 
  • Excellent suspension geometry + vehicle dynamics from factory 
  • Bonus for spinning triangles of peace 
This will probably break the bank, however, I'm not looking to build a racecar in a years time. This will be a long term project/learning experience and I will also take the time to document all of it here. I will most likely start creating detailed posts on rotary (13B-REW) / FD related topics to help myself (and others) in the near future by means of achieving.

Maybe when I'm finished school I'll build an E46 M3. Maybe.

Now the only thing left is to decide.. left hand drive ... or right hand drive..