Friday, 25 July 2014

The Affordable Future of Virtual Reality; Google Cardboard

So we've all heard of Oculus Rift. The startup company by Luckey Palmer which refreshed the desire to create high quality, working virtual reality equipment; essentially for gaming.

 It was recently purchased by social media goliath Facebook, for approximately 2 billion USD.

Now, a dev unit costs around 300$+, while over at Google, their engineers fabbed up an interesting VR unit which goes for as little as 30$. 

What I like most about this product happens to be that it encourages users to be innovative. Writing code to create new applications that can utilize this device. Even though it is primarily dependent on an Android smartphone, and not necessarily created for high end gaming, there are an overwhelming amount of possibilities to be had.

                            Cardboard on Make A Gif

Anything is possible in this realm, essentially paving the way to a technologically advance future which consists of virtual realistic environments and a new way of interacting with computers. All this is possible, not just thanks to the massive tech corps, but to the curious consumer who desires to do a little more with their devices.

It's all in the eye of the beholder.

Make your own Google Cardboard HERE.