Monday, 14 April 2014

Helpful Guide To Dating Females

There are just three types of women in our world:

Type Ia: Women that fight to pay, or at least split the bill out of genuine desire to. These women are independent and will try to do whatever they can to maintain that. Wife material.

Type Ib: Women that fight to pay/split the bill because they know guys like it when they do. Expect a type Ib to insist on paying/help pay, but be more than happy to put away there cash if you insist. Some resistance may be shown, but don't be fooled, type Ib women have no real interest in chipping in. Strict attention must be paid to identifying type Ib women in avoidance of mistaking them for a type Ia.

Type II: Women that have zero interest in contributing, and expect to be the one treated at all times. Type II women will sit and look at you when the bill arrives. Avoid these women at all costs, they are sloots.

This guide was written to assist you in establishing which women are worth your time and money. Sloots gonna sloot.