Sunday, 15 September 2013

ISIS SS P/S Line Install

Just in case the original post on Zilvia becomes inaccessible in the future. 

240SX ISIS Stainless Steel Braided Power Steering Line Install and Review

A plague to the 240 family is a soft, leaky power steering system. In an effort to help correct this, Enjuku Racing’s ISIS product line offers a Stainless Steel Power Steering Line. On top of replacing leaky lines and improving steering feel, the line also allows for more clearance when going turbo and makes converting from 1989/1990 power steering systems to 1991+ much easier.

The line comes with everything you need for installation. The installation it’s self is not bad at all. Just expect to get a little messy with the power steering fluid.

After installation I noticed the steering feel is more direct and turn in is more responsive. I have not experienced any leaks from the line after about a month or so and a drift event.

Tools needed:

  • A set of metric open ended wrenches 
  • Drain pan
  • New Power Steering fluid

Step one: Make some room for you to work by removing the air filter and mass air flow sensor.

Step two: Place a drain pan under the rack to catch the fluid and remove the bottom line going into the steering rack.
*note* mine was old and broke so don’t be surprised if yours does too 

Step 3: Remove the bracket holding the lines inside fender.

Step four: Remove the top part of the hose from the power steering pump.

Step five: Insert the fittings into the PS pump and Rack separately from the line using the washers that came with the line.
*note* Be careful of the o-ring on the fitting and don’t lose it.

Step six: Install the line onto the fittings and snug it down.

Step 7: Fill with new fluid and give the wheels a few turns back and forth with the engine running to circulate the fluid and you are good to go!