Thursday, 29 August 2013

What Is Richness?

I had to write an essay of 150 words or less to apply to a scholarship and decided to post it here. I'll most likely look back on this and smile. Especially the poem :P

Richness to me has a combined meaning. 

It represents culture, emotion, inspiration, leadership and character. 
As a student, I utilize all of these preconceived conceptions to aid me in becoming an outstanding individual. 

I aim to do something extravagant and bring change to the Engineering Automotive world however, just striving to achieve this monumental goal, working day to day on this path to make a dream come true, what a student gains throughout the journey - is my absolute definition of Richness. 

I will have ups and downs, 
days full of stress and days full of happiness,
working towards something that seems so far, 
taints my dreams with tackiness. 
However through thick and thin, 
I will endure.
Until the end I'm sure to win.
I will endure.