Thursday, 22 August 2013

Engineer Dad Builds His Son The Best Toy Car Ever Seen

This is absolutely fantastic! Definitely gives me inspiration to build a kart of my own.

"The builder of this sub-scale, carbon-fiber beauty is a Chinese automotive engineer who goes by the handle Lingziluo, and, according to his answers on a reddit thread, the little car cost over $15,000 in parts, and if you were to factor in the labor cost, would easily cost more than a new BMW 3 Series. That kid better not complain about getting underpants for his birthday." Via Jalopnik

Streamline, Drag coefficient=0.24, as low as Tesla Model S


CAD Design 

It's not made of steel, all carbon fiber!

LED Light Systems 
All Aloy Rims 



Double Wishbone Suspension



Keyless Start
New Paint