Monday, 3 September 2012

More Than You'd Ever Believe

Trance is comparable to the basis of what a story is made upon. 
There is always a setup, confrontation and resolution. (Beginning, Middle, End) However each specific individual creates and experiences their own interpretation on what that really is. I personally believe (as a producer's viewpoint) that if one was to create a melody that had the ability to change a persons perspective on an entire topic as a whole, then inception can truly be done. I also believe that there is a certain set of notes, that when played in harmony, in a certain tone, at a correct pitch can tap into a beings primeval subconsciousness and allow them to enter into "A State Of Trance". (Somewhat comparable to hypnotism) Only when said person(s) is/are in such of a state that they can truly absorb the rhythmical melodies that in return give them a feeling that cannot be described in words. 

Both the artist and viewer share this, this abnormality... But maybe I'm just doing that "thinking" thing a little too much again?? Regardless, this is my only personally view on the genre,.. even music in general and I value it with much content. Furthermore, I will continue as I have for the past 10 years with this passion and fascination in creating what I have already talked about. Money and fame were never the goal, it was always about expressing myself. Some people do it by writing poems/lyrics, painting/drawing, creating/building. I choose to produce/explore. 

This is what truly makes this genre so appealing and versatile. Not because of the way the song was made, or how popular it is, but by the influence and impact it has when heard through appreciative ears. Every song has a very real story. This is not just "music", this is emotion expressed through sound - Hacknik
For those who wondered why I was so into it..

Here are a couple of my all time favourites, so close your eyes, relax your mind, and prepare for a State Of Trance. 

Above & Beyond - Sun & Moon 

Super8 & Tab ft. Julie Thompson - My Enemy (Not original video, it's a Format67.NET Film) 

Above & Beyond ft. Richard Bedford - Thing Called Love 

Arty - The Wonder 

Super8 & Tab - Black Is The New Yellow 

Boom Jinx - To The Six 

Super8 & Tab - Irufushi 

Above & Beyond Presents: OceanLab - Miracle (Above & Beyond Club Mix)

Above & Beyond Presents: OceanLab - Lonely Girl 

Matt Zo - Lucky Strike 

Oceanlab - Breaking Ties (Above & Beyond Heaven Mix) 

Above & Beyond ft. Richard Bedford - Alone Tonight 

Daniel Kandi - Piece Of Me 

Maor Levi - Reflect 

You would not even begin to understand how much these melodies mean to me.

~ Cheers