Sunday, 31 May 2015

Well Well Well..

So... I see that it has been a rather long time since I've posted anything here. It probably seems as if I went cold turkey and stopped writing altogether eh? Nah. I've just had my hands tied with several other projects.

Here is one of them:

One of our weekly meetings when we first started back in the winter!
To see more of merchandise, click HERE

I decided to get together with a few great friends and build something.  Create a new type of lifestyle which has our core values - racing - at the center.

But to incorporate every other aspect of life. I wanted to have a community. A place where you're inspired to push past your limits and to goof off without fear of anything or anyone.

This is, the 酒 Saké Clan-

Sadiq + Nick's S13's make me miss my many old hatchies!

A collaboration of Men and Women from all walks of life.

We started out with nothing. Originally a group of goofy guys building our cars and daydreaming. Now... we've made a name. Locals are talking. Race teams are enjoying our energy.

Center Focus. See more of Late Break Racing @latebreakracing
We've made great connections- and it's only the start.

A great friend of mine - Jon L. and his shop AkiiTire
I got me some 991 sweg. #Bauce
The website will be up soon (as that is where i'm spending all of my free time ... and my money lol) however, it is also my goal to continue this blog.

Not for anyone else, but myself. I love a good story. I also love being a part of something special. In the future I can look back on these posts (plus feel some serious nostalgia from the music I have playing here haha) and feel wonderful knowing that I followed my passion. Lived life on the edge. Drank some antifreeze. Nomsayin? Ok, maybe not coolant.. but close enough haha.

All the links will be provided if you're ever curious to see more but can't wait for me to upload - check out our various feeds! (We post daily on instagram).

Circosta in the 458 Italia GT3

And remember - keep on tuning!