Monday, 2 June 2014

KEEO Carbon

This product has definitely peaked my interest! View more about it over at their kickstarter page.

This is KEEO Carbon. The new generation of keyholders. Automatic, handy, organized, robust and traceable via iOS + Android App.

 KEEO Carbon is an innovative and interactive key holder. With one push of a button it makes the right key pop out and also lets your smartphone know where it is. Losing KEEO Carbon is nearly impossible: the iOS and Android app allows KEEO to communicate with your smartphone through the new and energy-saving Bluetooth® Smart technology. KEEO Carbon holds three regular household keys on the inside and as many keys as you like (e.g. bulkier keys such as your car key) on the outside loop. Thanks to the PLUG'N'SCREW system, your keys can be installed simply without any modification to them. Check out our video above and learn more about KEEO Carbon.

 Quality. KEEO Carbon does not compromise quality. It is nearly unbreakable due to the use of high-tech material from aerospace and Formula 1 engineering. KEEO Carbon is carefully assembled by hand and runs through extensive quality checks before leaving production. We think that this is worth the extra effort.

KEEO is designed with carbon for a unique look and feel, coming in different colors.