Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Possible Mystery Ferrari F1 V6 Test Hound?!

Ferrari has been running this mystery test car at its Fiorano test track in Italy, what the car is or what it is testing is not clear but it seems to be for a competition application. It has been speculated that this is a test bed for the new 1.6 litre Formula 1 power unit. From the sound of the engine it is clearly turbocharged. Posted on Youtube the footage shows what appears to be a very long wheelbase car with a F458 front section and a bespoke rear end, of great interest is the F1 style air box mounted on the cars roll hoop.

A lack of any major rear end aerodynamic devices such as a rear wing or diffuser suggest that this is not a chassis test as some have speculated (bringing up the old LMP rumours once again) but instead this is a pure power unit test run.

For now Ferrari are saying nothing but make up your own minds when watching the video below.