Friday, 18 October 2013

Almost There

The last week has been crazy hectic! With midterms, and preparing the car for U of T shootout this saturday.
We went went from electroinc shift to a complete overhaul and change to mechanical shifter. The exhaust was remade and almost finished. Cooling systems are golden and now just about finished the body/tiny bits.
I'm typing on almost no sleep. All nighters almost every night this week. Competition at Mosport in about 6hrs. Weeee!
Getting dat dere work doneskii
Lol, sleeppp
Created a linkage for the new mechanical shifter 
Waiting to have stuff 3D printed
Came up with this idea for the exhaust system. 
Here's what the actual stainless steel version turned out  to become. Sexy!

Ron doing his thang!