Thursday, 4 October 2012

Tritional Piercing The Quiet - Remixed (Album) 2012

With a massive amount of support from top name artists like: Mat Zo, Stoneface, Beat Service, Maor Levi and Nitrous Oxide to name a few, Tritional's remix album is a blast of sensation! Probably one of my favourite Progressive Trance albums since Super8 & Tab's: Empire. If you have a chance, check this out! 

Here are a few of the tracks; 

Tritional - Everafter ft. Christina Soto (Craig Connelly Remix) 

Tritional - I Can Breathe ft. Jeza (Nitrous Oxide Remix) 

A quick bio on the duo via Wiki:

Tritonal is a trance music duo consisting of producer/DJs Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed from Austin, TexasUnited States. They have frequently collaborated with singer Cristina Soto and host a radio show called Air Up There. Tritonal recently released a new record label under the name Air Up There Recordings. On May 9, 2011 they released their debut artist album "Piercing the Quiet".