Thursday, 9 August 2012

Something Ambiguously Ravishing

I call her Lucy, because she loves to get loose.

After 2 years MIA, I'm back in the S-Chassis game.
Welcome homeskiis

Ironic how these Hanabi's were originally suppose to have been mine as well :P 

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So minty

Long story short, this car was originally suppose to have been mine since the earlier days of 2008. My co-worker built it, then I ended up leaving that workplace for another job, and getting my current co-worker to buy it. Who in return sold it to me. Silly video's are still up from when I used to dream of owning her, and now I do lol.

On the way to Bing's Meet 2011

Ton's a plans are a foot. A few teasers include names like: Bride, Blitz, Defi, Koguchi Power, Kouki. Etc

Stay tuned ~